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Our Mission Statement

Our approach is basic but our goals are far reaching. The public is flooded with information that usually promotes only one point of view. The NUTRITION AWARENESS CAMPAIGN is seeking to change that. Our team members and volunteers nationwide are adding their voices to an existing grass roots movement toward a healthcare model that focuses on science based, medically verified, safe & effective, inexpensive methods of prevention.

What We Do


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To Inform, Demonstrate, and to Educate

There is no more noble an endeavor than to teach, to educate, and to empower an individual with critical thinking skills so they may form their own opinion; make up their own mind based upon the information, evidence and research available. The path that leads to the intersection of Belief and Knowledge can often be a rough road for many. It is often said that,

Belief requires one to take on faith the words of another, where as knowledge requires personal experience”

How often have you heard that something, “can’t be done” or “that will not work” only to know through your own personal experience that it “can be done” and that “it does work.” Evidence Based Medicine is no different. Many will tell you vitamins and minerals, undenatured whey protein or unheated protein, and organic whole foods are merely expensive and there is no real benefit. These same critics just choose to disregard the 1000’s of individual cases and research studies obtaining dramatic, often unbelievable results. First, by ignoring the results, ultimately trying and discredit the individual or study rather than address the actual results. Just like this old saying: “You know you’re on target when they start shooting at you.”


To Help others Exercise their Rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Health and Happiness


THE NUTRITION AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, and our associates, encourage you in the strongest terms possible, to seriously consider the information and research contained, and linked to, on this website. For it is only through education and personal experience that one is enabled to hold firmly to their personal convictions provided by knowledge and self determination against the ever changing winds of opinion, self interests and doubt cast by others.

“Surgeons can cut out everything except cause.”

~ Herbert M. Shelton ~

How We Do It


First, through the concerted effort of our team members and volunteers we launched our largest effort to date.

The KeytoGoodHealth Nutrition Awareness Campaign. Our goal is to provide information to as many people as possible utilizing the videos and audio libraries we provide as we continue working toward increasing the level of nutrition awareness.

To Promote what We Believe is the Key to Good Health

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Nutrition Awareness Campaign


News Skills and Training

Second, by helping to educate future leaders in Nutrition Research and Therapy, we seek to level the playing field for the acceptance of all information, not just one side.

Scholarship & Grant – Education & Training Program is designed for just that purpose by providing funds and resources to those who have chosen to dedicate their lives to improving the lives of others.

Third, the future belongs to our Youth. If we lead by example and demonstrate the benefits of whole natural foods, high quality proteins, and nutrition, they can witness the truth from their own evidence based experiences.

Athletes are often leaders in their own peer and age groups, and with that in mind that we developed:

THE NUTRITION AWARENESS CAMPAIGNYouth Team Sports Sponsorship Program. This program has been designed to provide nutritionally supportive sports drinks, developed by doctors and professional athletes, to our young athletes for use after each and every practice and game.

In summary, our comprehensive approach focuses on three critical areas. First, by informing the existing population of the benefits of a preventative approach. Second, demonstrating these benefits to our youth, to insure these messages are not lost for future generations. Finally, assisting future medical professionals and leaders in Nutrition Research and Therapy with their education and training.

Why We Do It

Ultimately, in every persons life, we all experience a time when we must decide what we believe in and what we are willing to stand up for and against. Quotes from history often guide us during these times and can be a rich source of inspiration:


“No legacy is so rich as honesty”

~ William Shakespeare ~

“Truth wears no mask, Bows at no human shrine,
seeks neither place nor applause,
she only asks a hearing”

~ Dr Carl Wickland ~