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If you would like to become a volunteer, adding your voice to our Mission, the recommended way to do so is contact us using the form provided. The information you provide will be forwarded to an associate in your area. You will be contacted using the method you indicate using the information you provide.

One of the most basic ways you can volunteer is to share this website and information with others who may find it beneficial as well.

Our Mission, simply put, is to Increase Nutrition Awareness and to Improve Understanding of the Relationship between Nutrition and Health Conditions and Chronic Disease. Everyone knows someone touched by ill health, as a result our goal is to increase awareness of simple preventative measures we all can take that promote healing, increase the feeling of well being and assist the body’s own inherent ability to maintain and repair itself as it was designed.

THE NUTRITION AWARENESS CAMPAIGN is a leading advocate in the movement toward a better healthcare model. A model that focuses on a science based, medically verified, safe and effective, alternative approach to most prescription drugs and surgery.

“An inexpensive proactive model of prevention -vs- a expensive managed care model of continuous maintenance and repair.”

The choice is entirely up to you.

“Not only is example the best way to teach, it is the only way.”

~ Albert Schweitzer, M.D. ~

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