Team Sponsorship Program

Youth Team Sports Sponsorship Program

THE NUTRITION AWARENESS PROJECT – Youth Team Sports Sponsorship Program, Our Team Sports Sponsorship Program has been designed to provide nutritionally supportive sports drinks, developed by doctors and professional athletes, to our young athletes for use after each and every practice and game. Its ultimate goal is to demonstrate the positive effects of whole natural foods, high quality proteins, and nutritional supplements to to our youth, to insure these messages are not lost for future generations.


When you sweat you lose more than just water. Doctors and Professional Athletes agree, it is vital to rebuild the body with proteins & amino acids, and to replenish lost antioxidants, and vitamins & minerals such as potassium and selenium for long term heart health, avoiding heart attacks, and the overall health of the body.*

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Our approach is basic but our goals have a far reaching impact. The public is flooded with information that usually promotes only one point of view. THE NUTRITION AWARENESS PROJECT is seeking to change that. Through our nationwide network of associates and volunteers we are adding our voice to an existing, grass roots movement toward a healthcare model that focuses on science based, medically verified, safe and effective, inexpensive methods of prevention.


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When looking for experts in the fields of Sports Fitness and Nutrition you don’t need to look any further than the athletes themselves and those who train them. It is easy to believe in an organization with an Athletic Advisory Board that has members like;

Steve Hess: Assistant Coach/Strength & Conditioning – Denver Nuggets
1 of 12 Trainers Worldwide – Under Armour Training Council

Fred Glass: 19 Time World Powerlifting Champion

Gene Nelson: Known as the “Greatest Natural Bodybuilder in the World”

See the complete list of Youngevity Brand Ambassadors

Recent News Stories

Drew Pearson named to Youngevity’s Athletic Advisory Board

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