Scholarship and Grant Program

Scholarship & Grant – Education & Training Program:

THE NUTRITION AWARENESS CAMPAIGN Scholarship & Grant – Education & Training Program is a critical element in our strategy to raise the level of nutrition awareness in this country. This program is designed to provide funds and resources to those who have chosen to dedicate their lives to improving the lives of others. It is in this way we believe we can have the greatest impact toward a wider acceptance of all health related information.

National Scholarship Awards:

The National Scholarship Awards Program is a supplemental funding source for the State Scholarship Program. As awareness of this program grows there may be circumstances where additional resources may be needed on a regional level. All requests for addition resources will originate from our Regional Directors as needed.

Interested applicants are encouraged to fill out the available PDF form and print it out along with the Required Documentation Checklist. These forms will provided information needed for the proper submission of your application.


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State Scholarship Awards:

The following is a general outline of the policies and procedures we follow in determining award recipients and the level of support they will receive.

Applications received by the National Headquarters located in Colorado Springs, Colorado will be forwarded to the Regional Directors of the Applicants State of Residency. We encourage all interested applicants to make contact with one of our Local Representatives or Regional Directors in your area. All award decisions will be based upon a combination of factors including the following.


General Award Standards and Criteria


  • Applicants Elected Area of Study.
  • Overall Merit of the Applicant.
  • Applicants Overall Degree of Need.


General Award Policy and Procedures


  • All State Scholarship and Grant Award decisions will be made by a local three (3) member committee.
  • All awards will be dependent upon receipt of Qualified Applicants and availability of funds.*
  • Funds will be distributed equally between Education & Training.
  • First priority for Post Education and Training Technology Grants will be given to prior award recipients.

Our Mission starts with a commitment to education. Achieving our long term goals is heavily dependent on increasing the public’s level of nutrition awareness. Our strategy includes; providing access to information for the general public, demonstrating the benefits to our youth, and assisting future medical professionals patients will seek out for their information and treatment.


100% of the operating budget for including the free ongoing Community Outreach and Nutrition Awareness Campaign as well as our Youth Sports Team Sponsorship Program is funded by the revenue generated from its product sales.
*2% of Gross Revenue is set aside annually for our Scholarship & Grant – Education & Training Program