Community Outreach

Community Outreach Programs

Developing Future Leaders


Developing relationships and Promoting Community Involvement ultimately leads to our ability to fund all of our Community Outreach Programs including, The Scholarship and Grant – Education and Training Program.

Campus Scenes

This program is designed to provide funds and resources to those who have chosen to dedicate their lives to improving the lives of others. We believe it is so important that every member of our organization contributes to it. It is in this way we believe we can have the greatest future impact on leveling the playing field toward a wider acceptance of all health related information.

Community Involvement


Through our team members and volunteers, we are mounting a concerted effort to work closely with involved parents, mentors & coaches to coordinate THE NUTRITION AWARENESS PROJECT’sYouth Team Sports Sponsorship Program.

Team Sports

This program was originated to provide nutritionally supportive sports drinks, developed by doctors and professional athletes, to our young athletes for use after each and every practice and game. Its ultimate goal is to demonstrate the positive effects of whole natural foods, high quality proteins, and nutritional supplements to those who will teach the next generation.

Successful Completion of Our Mission Statement

Our Mission starts with a commitment to education. Achieving our long term goals is heavily dependent on increasing the public’s level of nutrition awareness.

Whether its providing access to information for the general public, demonstrating the benefits to our youth, or assisting the future medical professionals patients will seek for information and treatment, THE NUTRITION AWARENESS PROJECT is committed to building a lasting legacy of commitment and dedication to Increasing the General Level of Nutrition Awareness.

Message from the Director